Our Vision

The brain grows most rapidly in the early years. This is a crucial age for building a strong fundamental foundation for a future filled with success in every aspect of their life.

Childhood comes around only once. We believe that it is important to nurture a child’s intelligence by laying the foundation for fulfilling a child’s full potential.

The first twenty years of a child’s life are spent in the creation of the child’s first ‘sense of self’; most children are capable of differentiating between themselves and others by their second year. This is a vital part of the child’s ability to determine how they should function in relation to other people. We at Kids High emphasize links to family, home culture and home language by uniquely caring for each child. Parents are seen as a child’s first teacher and therefore are an integral part of the early learning process.

We believe that the people present in a child’s life and who interact with them on a day to day basis play a very important part in the quality of their life.  This is the reason we select our teachers not only based on their teaching potential and experience but also for their warm and loving nature and it’s the reason why we work closely with parents in the care, development and education of their children.

It is also our belief that although the intelligence of a child is essential for their growth, strong moral and ethical values are also needed for a well rounded personal growth.  Other areas of personal growth such as love, kindness, respect, commitment, honesty and courage are also encouraged to guide your child in their life.



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