Nurturing Happiness

“In KIDS HIGH we work to Nurture Happiness in your child, we also provide a safe, challenging and engaging environment where your child can learn and grow into a global citizen. KIDS HIGH is a great hub and resource for your child and family. We at KIDS HIGH are always there to answer questions and work with you as we understand that your child’s first teacher is you.“

Rakesh Muniraju‘s vision of creating a world class infrastructure school at an affordable cost has come to a reality, KIDS HIGH will set the tone for future standards in education. He is already leading Bangalore International Public School with his innvoative ideas to be an ideal institution. Rakesh Muniraju has an MBA from University of Wales, Cardiff, United Kingdom, specialized in International Management and International Marketing. He is an active promoter of international education in India. He is widely regarded as an innovative entrepreneur who has committed his life to the development of leadership institutions.