The school aspires to produce students who are excellent in academics as well as social and ethical values, skills and attitudes to contribute positively to the society. Thus, the admission process is designed to test both aptitude and attitude. While the test assesses the proficiency in various subjects, it will also reveal the child‘s problem-solving skills.

Age criteria:

Prep I: 2 Years 7 Months by June

Prep II: 3 Years 7 months by June

Prep III: 4 Years 7 months by June

Grade I: 5 Years 7 months by June

Grade II: 6 Years 7 months by June

Grade III: 7 Years 7 months by June

Grade IV: 8 Years 7 months By June

Grade V: 9 Years 7 months by June

Grade VI: 10 Years 7 months by June

Grade VII: 11 Years 7 months by June

Grade VIII: 12 Years 7 months by June

Grade IX: 13 Years 7 months by June

Documents to be produced during admission:

Photo copy of birth certificate

Original transfer certificate from previous school

Photo copy of Aadhar card

Photo copy of evaluation card, from class studied in the previous school for grade II and above.