BIKH promotes the natural ability of children to learn through development of their cognitive and thinking skills. At the heart of every BIKH is the learning experience which appreciates and understands the complexity, sensitivity and seriousness of educating children. We continuously seek to identify and develop each child‘s unique individual abilities through a rigorous, yet child – friendly and child – cantered, academic and co-curricular programme.

Teachers at BIKH are not only committed to effective classroom teaching but they go beyond and become guides and mentors to students. It is our endeavour to foster independent thinking, exploration and experimentation as a lifelong learning process. We wish to develop in each a mastery of skills of communication, the ability to think clearly, logically and independently and understand and appreciate our rich culture, ideas and practices. E – Learning will be an integral part of the BIKH curriculum. IT plays an important role in providing a modern environment for children to learn and grow.

Pre Primary:

Pre primary section at BIKH helps the child to attain an optimal perceptual, motor, cognitive and Socio emotional levels. Main aim is to prepare children for the formal schooling in a very comfortable and nurturing environment. Well designed curriculum makes the learning fun for the children with variety of indoor and outdoor activities, story sessions, music, dance and swimming. The classrooms are equipped with Smart boards, multimedia content and audio-visual teaching aids.

The pre primary comprises of prep I, prep II and prep III. A system of “Informal Evaluation” is followed to evaluate students based on their class work, theme-based worksheets and observation session. An assessment report highlighting the various aspects of the child’s development is submitted to the parents during regular PTM.

Admission for this section is 2.8 years and above. The school timing for the prep section is from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. The school follows a 5 day week schedule

Primary & Secondary:

The school curriculum is well designed as per national curriculum. Variety of scholastic and co scholastic activities makes the learning joyful for the students. Well equipped classrooms with smart board makes the technology aided teaching meaningful and helps the students to learn in a stress free environment.

The teaching methodology in these classes comprises experimentation, debates, group discussion and hands on experiments.

Continuous evaluation is based on periodic assessments and term end assessments which comprises of written tests, note book maintenance and subject oriented activities. The promotion to next grade is based on whole year’s performance.

Admission for grade is 5.8 months by June and one year will be added subsequently as they are promoted.