We believe that Learning is a life-long journey. There is no finish line in the race of quality.

What Sets BIKH Apart???

• experiential learning
• challenging curriculum
• enhanced programme
• rich co – curriculum enriching programme
• stimulating and interactive environment

BIKH is a culturally-rich mosaic, serving each student by providing a world- class education.


To inspire innovation, ignite imagination, encourage interdisciplinary understanding, and augment learning on every level connecting ideas, cultures and educators from every corner of the world.


To empower students to gain an indigenous as well as global perspective on various aspects within the broad based curriculum to assess the critical, creative, and collaborative skills with the grit and fortitude to widen the global outlook.

  • We believe that the pursuit of excellence rests on the positive belief to develop the qualities of integrity, honesty, trust, compassion and our motto ‘nurturing happiness’. !
  • To strengthen a culture of academic excellence including character building, teamwork, physical development and a sense of leadership !
  • To instill a sense of nationalism, social equality and communal harmony !
  • To inculcate a sensitivity to the concerns of the environment !
  • To help students advance technologically without compromising our rich values and cultural heritage !
  • To prepare students for advanced academic study


School motto : Nurturing Happiness