World Animal Day

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Grand Parents Day

jour des grands-parents-jour memorable
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Doll Show

Symbolizing Victory of Good Over Evil
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Stories day

Mariposas of BIKH narrating creative stories
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Faber Castell Drawing Competition

Artistic minds dabbling with colours-Faber Castell Drawing...
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Welcome to Kids High

The early years of a child’s life are critical for building a strong, fundamental foundation for a future filled with success in every aspect of their life.  Investing in early childhood education has a long-term positive impact on your child’s achievements.

At Kids High we work towards nurturing your child’s happiness while providing a safe, challenging and engaging environment not only for their learning but also for their overall growth.  Kids High is not only a nerve center and a great resource for your child but also for your family too.

The school inculcates the qualities of a passion for excellence, desire for freedom, courage, confidence, the spirit of inquisitiveness etc. in its students. Our School transcends the boundaries of the classrooms. The four walls of the classroom and what happens therein do not define education

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